1.What is the Board of education system?
CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education for information kindly refer to www.cbse.nic.in

2.Can I join Vivekam from other education board system?
Yes, you can join from other boards ICSE, Matriculation etc..

3.Does other education system schools, admit if i leave the school?
Yes, you can join to other boards ICSE, Matriculation etc..

4.Is Vikekam a Day Scholor or a Boarding school?
Day Scholar school.

5.What is The Teacher-Child ratio In Class?
1:25 maximum.

6.Are your teachers qualified in education stream?
The teachers who handle classes, are with UG., B.Ed., as a minimum criteria by the board, but mostly are PG., M.Phil., M.Ed.,

7.What options does my child have after Vivekam?
Kindly check our curriculum guidance program.

8.Can I see my child during school hours?

9.Does the school provide Lunch, Milk and Snacks?

10.Does Vivekam teach Tamil?
Yes, an regular stream subject.

11.Is it mandatory to study Hindi?
Yes, an regular stream subject.

12.What if my child is being bullied?
No such practice is in practice. The Campus is fully covered including the class room with CCTV Cameras and monitored on a day to day bases.