Plover, any of numerous species of plump-breasted birds The northern lapwing, also known as the peewit or pewit, tuit or tew-it, green plover, or just lapwing, is a bird in the lapwing family.

Bulletin Board activity :

Every month a specific topic is provided to the house and the students organize a creative art work as a team based on a topic. Points will be added based on their performance like content, creativity, theme and more.

Sports & Games :

Inter house sports and games are conducted every year for both boys and girls. Selected ones are trained by our Physical education teachers and also we have an after school program by specialized trainers for every sport in order to participate in the interschool tournaments and other open events.

Reading and Quiz :

Children take part in competitions annually, reinforce team work, boost confidence, encourage strategic thinking and light the fire for knowledge.

Music and Dance :

Inter House instrumental music, classical and western dance competitions are conducted every year.

Skit :

Skit and play are the most exiting events with lots of fun and entertainment; these play intern help the students improve their communication and life skills.

PPT - Power Point Presentation :

The first step towards the innovative Graphics, Animation, Web and Film making industry.

Drawing and Coloring :

Inter House drawing and coloring competition is held every year to encourage and identify the talent ones with the art skills.

Elocution and Essay Competition :

An Innovative and life skill oriented common topic is provided to the houses, Elocution and essay competition are the best way to identify the talents.