My name is Santhosh and I am honored to be Head Boy for 2019. I am happy to have been raised in as the Head Boy.

My first day as a Year 7, student was a glorious one. Although the blazers and ties were something completely new to me, I felt right at home, and I know that all my classmates did as well. My role as a Head Boy as someone who is able to make all students and teachers look forward to coming to Vivekam. I want to enhance the community and keep growing the already strong school spirit that exists and demonstrate Body, Mind and Spirit on a regular basis. I have had such a great experience with Vivekam over the last 11 years, and I want every student to enjoy their time here as much as I have.

I think to really get an idea of why Vivekam is such a great school, you need to come in and see it for yourself. Yes we have several facilities, but the strong connections between students and staff and the sense of belonging is ever lasting.

Vivekam has practically raised me, and with a philosophy of Body, Mind and Spirit, I feel that once I leave school I will be well prepared for all challenges life throws at me.