Vivekam offers what we call a ‘Primary Plus’ core academic curriculum, whereby subject specialists teach English, Maths, French, History, Geography, Science (in a fully equipped laboratory), Art and Design, Religion and Computing. There is a choice between Tamil and Hindi. We also have Singing classes (for the junior pupils), as well as classes in Current Affairs and SPHE (Social and Physical Health Education).

Our dedicated, experienced staff adapts itself to the CBSE primary curriculum as well as the entrance requirements of CBSE secondary schools and the National Common Entrance curriculum. We have a flexible approach to promoting children up through the school, without necessarily waiting an entire year to move children — while always making sure that the promotion system does not leave gaps in their knowledge. We deem this considerable extra effort to be worthwhile as it ensures that we have a system that can address the needs of every child. In terms of external assessment, we run the widely respected Educational Research Centre tests every year in March, without the kind of preparation that might skew the results. These tests form a useful guide as to the general progress of each child. They tell us precisely how well we are doing in the areas of reading and comprehension, and evaluate our children against other primary school children in Coimbatore;

Results of late confirm that our academic standards are among the highest. Children are prepared for entry and scholarships competeting and leading other schools by performance. Individual attention to every child is Vivekam’s greatest strength.