We believe a child is like a seed – will lie dormant but full of life, until it is put in an environment where he or she can Blossom, Grow and Flourish. Children in changing times have to constantly learn, un-learn and re-learn with the curiosity to keep learning and learning.

While grooming students, core values are also ingrained along with core competencies to turn them into well-rounded personalities.


We strongly believe that education is a preparation for life and reflects the openhearted and imaginative way with which young children see the world. PLAY WAY methodology inspires children to become independent, self-motivated learners with strong academic foundations.

Children join Pre Kindergarten at three years of age where the students’ preschool education lays foundation for their future elementary school learning. There is plenty of playing, singing, and craft-making in kindergarten, but it is often balanced with more rigorous writing, reading, Math lessons and languages (Hindi and Tamil).

Students are immersed in a language-rich environment as they listen to stories, recite poetry, and learn new songs. Math skills are fostered through working with patterns, grouping and sorting, and learning to draw geometric shapes. Science, Arts & Crafts, Music  round out the Kindergarten experience. Students are involved in a variety of learning opportunities such as nature walks, painting, puppetry, games, and movement activities. Thus, a healthy, nurturing rhythm of learning is established.The teacher-student ratio is well adhered to, ably supported with a well-trained, caring and empathetic support staff.

Primary Schooling

There’s a difference between curriculum and pedagogy.

Curriculum is all about what we teach. Pedagogy is about how we teach it.

Education is the spine of every Nation! The Better The Education, The Better The Nation! The Mediocre The Education, The Mediocre The Nation!

And mediocrity is not what we settle for!!!

The Primary Curriculum is one that consistently challenges the pupils. The curriculum aims to ensure that all children are provided with learning opportunities that recognise and celebrate their uniqueness and develop their full potential, besides equipping children with essential and important life skills targeted at functional literacy and numeracy. Content based core disciplines like Mathematics, Science and Languages are imparted to ensure students have a good grounding and awareness in all areas of study.

Middle Schooling

A visible transition takes place when children move from the primary Schooling to the opening horizons of middle Schooling, The transition is smooth which ruffles but a few feathers as they glide through the expanding skies of knowledge. Grades 6-8 students experience tremendous intellectual growth. Their developing skills in deductive reasoning, problem solving, critical thinking and generalizing makes it challenging and gratifying in their deeper understanding of the core subjects like English, Hindi/Tamil, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Computer Science.

Secondary and Senior Schooling

As they expand their wings and gain greater strength, our young and energetic  students are equipped to meet the demands of advanced levels of academics. The school offers numerable opportunity for them to hone the specific skill sets namely leadership, organization, communication, presentation, team building, independent learning, social skills and many more. Students explore their potential and enhance their competencies through scholastic and co-scholastic activities throughout the year.

The Secondary Schooling is the most enriching one. The students evolve into industrious, focused and self-assertive youth who begin to understand the depths of various subjects. They balance the dynamics of juggling homework, tests, presentations and a wide range of intra and inter-school competitions.

Hands on experiments, interactive study sessions, enquiry based assignments and analytical collaborative learning leads them to nurture a penchant for the subjects.

The subjects offered in grades 9 & 10 include English, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Tamil/Hindi. Physical Education and Yoga are also part of the curriculum.

Senior Secondary level calls for even more intensive subject matter as our young men and women walk towards the threshold of choosing exciting careers for themselves. The subjects offered are:

Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology/ Computer Science/ Physical Education/ Artificial Intelligence.

Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, Computer Science/Applied Mathematics/ Artificial Intelligence/ Banking/ Physical Education.

All vital resources are pooled in from all three stakeholders namely- school, student and the parents, to cheer them through the finishing line successfully. The school ensures that they stand tall as confident, resilient, adventurous, wise and creative beings who are raring to embrace the new life.