Vivekam School was founded in 2000, the first of its kind a Matriculation School in Karamadai, Coimbatore. We are a farmer background and it was our desire for a long period of time to run a CBSE School in town, though our CBSE School was established in 2010 there are 900 pupils at the school comprising 18 different States. Our Educational Institute aimed to provide a social and cultural based education and empower students with higher level of confidence to explore in all parts of life. We were been bless and guided by Thavatthiru Dr.Kumuragurupara Swamigal which leads us here and year to come. 

We have admired multiple personalities pupils in our institute in the past years we believe we have understood them and their need, why not your loved one.

Our Trustees.
Chairman C.Selvaraj
Co-Chairman S.Sanjana 
Correspondent N.Lingasamy
Secretary S.Yasodha
Joint Secretary L.Satish