At Vivekam, your child will Learn the educational fundamentals and values that will nourish them for the rest of their lives. With an unwavering commitment to each and every child’s learning, a Vivekam education is like no other. While we teach children the national curriculum and work to standardized tests, the staff at Vivekam work to do more than ensure that every child excels at these we educate children for a rapidly changing world, and provide with them with information and tools they can rely on. While we teach children the national curriculum and prepare children for Common Entrance exams – a Vivekam education is an education for life.

At Vivekam, learning is a way of life. Whether in the specialist classrooms or in the magical grounds, the 24-hour staff is completely committed to ensuring that each and every child does more than learn well and play hard in a beautiful and safe environment – at Vivekam, our mission is to ensure that your child thrives.