Physical Department

Joy Of Sports
  • Life is more fun if you play games

    In India, population is more than 1.1 billion, still chasing the elusive gold.

    At Vivekam we believe that meaningful learning is possible in laboratory activities if all students are provided with opportunities to manipulate equipment and materials while working cooperatively with peers in an environment in which they are free to pursue solutions to problems that interest them.

  • Our Sports Infrastructure

    • Field hockey

      Our Hockey field of play is 100 by 70.00 metres with an area of 1.24 acres of natural turf (grass)

    • Cricket

      Children also play cricket at our field and are given ample coaching.

    • Football

      Our Football pitch is rectangular in shape. The two goal lines are between 45 and 90 m and are of the same length.

    • Race Track

      School has 200 meters race track.

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